NILLA Survey Launched

NILLA Survey Launched

The NILLA (NEȾOLṈEW̱ Indigenous Language Learning Atlas) project (in partnership with UVIC Libraries) was recently launched in June at the Stabilizing Indigenous Languages Symposium (SILS) in Lethbridge, AB.

The NILLA project will be a national online gathering space for Indigenous language communities to access and share their initiatives, resources, and learning and teaching successes. As a unique resource and virtual hub, NILLA will be a unified place where these efforts are shared to inspire and educate others – both internationally as well as across communities, provinces, and territories more locally within Canada. 

With input from the NILLA Advisory Committee, the UVIC RA team has developed three variations of a survey to gather information on and represent the current state of language education and revitalization programs focused on the creation of new language speakers. The three survey versions focus on: 1) work in communities; 2) work taking place through organizations; and 3) a follow-up survey, which can be completed with both communities and organizations based on their responses to the first survey.

The information gathered from the surveys will be transformed into a visually interactive website and atlas. This site will feature two levels of accessibility: A public component open to anyone interested in the language revitalization initiatives taking place across Canada, and a second, password-protected portion only accessible to contributing partner communities via login. This protected space will facilitate information sharing and networking between Indigenous communities: informational items will include curricula examples and communities can digitally interact with one another to perhaps seek further information or share experiences about language revitalization efforts within their own communities.

Indigenous communities and organizations across Canada are invited to participate in this groundbreaking project by completing the survey. The gathered information will be transformed into a visually interactive website. Questions about NILLA or the survey? Get in touch with us to learn more!

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