NEȾOLṈEW̱, the name of our partnership, translates as “one mind, one people” or “doing things as one” in the SENĆOŦEN language. NEȾOLṈEW̱ builds on existing strong Indigenous partner connections and networks of those working at the core of Indigenous language revitalization. Together, we aim to achieve realistic language revitalization outcomes in serving as a national network of Indigenous adult language learning resources, programs, and initiatives. Through our shared endeavours, we are working to build capacity among Indigenous people and maximize the resources available to maintain, revitalize, and strengthen efforts of nation‐wide reconciliation and revitalization of the Indigenous languages of Canada.

Watch our short video (on the left) to learn how to pronounce NEȾOLṈEW̱. Many thanks to PENÁĆ (David Underwood) of the W̱SÁNEĆ School Board for lending his voice and to the W̱SÁNEĆ Community for allowing us to use this beautiful word to express the central principle of this partnership.