Creating Online Indigenous Language Courses: Introduction (Part 1/4)

Creating online Indigenous language courses part 1

Through this video series, learn about creating online Indigenous language courses.

Indigenous language revitalization and reclamation movements connect Indigenous Nations and organizations working to support the teaching and learning of ancestral languages. Many Indigenous language learning and teaching efforts focus on home, school, and community settings, but also important are virtual spaces. Through these short videos, we provide some information to help those who are considering creating online courses for their languages.

The creators of these videos are part of a collaborative project between the NEȾOLṈEW̱ “one mind, one people” Partnership at the University of Victoria, 7000 Languages, Hase’ Language Revitalization Society, and the Prairies to Woodlands Indigenous Language Revitalization Circle.


Chew, K. A. B., Child, S., Sammons, O., & Souter, H. (2022, November). Creating online Indigenous language courses: Introduction.