Creating Online Indigenous Language Courses: Consider different platforms (Part 2/4)

Creating online Indigenous language courses part 2

Through this video series, learn about creating online Indigenous language courses. Indigenous Peoples use language learning and teaching technologies, including online courses, to support language revitalization. To create an online course, Indigenous communities typically partner with a technology provider which creates courses on a particular platform. 7000 Languages is a nonprofit that works closely with Indigenous, minority, and refugee communities to create language courses. Since the creation of this video, 7000 Languages work has published new courses. It offers 54 courses in 28 different languages and is continuing to release new courses in partnership with Indigenous Nations and organizations. The creators of these videos are part of a collaborative project between the NEȾOLṈEW̱ “one mind, one people” Partnership at the University of Victoria, 7000 Languages, Hase’ Language Revitalization Society, and the Prairies to Woodlands Indigenous Language Revitalization Circle.


Chew, K. A. B., Child, S., Sammons, O., & Souter, H. (2022, November). Creating online Indigenous language courses: Consider different platforms.