The Department of Indigenous Education welcomes the first cohort to the PhD in Indigenous Language Revitalization (by special arrangement) at the University of Victoria!

Visiting on Lekwungen and SENĆOŦEN speaking territories this summer, these dedicated and aspiring language warriors completed intensive course work on the land, in community, and on campus. Teacher Onowa McIvor also arranged for opportunities to learn from guest speakers, including Wanosts’a7 Lorna Williams.

Back (L to R): Christine Webster, Ferrin Willie, Thohtharátye Brant (NEȾOLṈEW̱ Community Research Assistant with Tsi Tyónnheht Onkwawén:na), Lisa Crowshoe, Jacob Manatowa-Bailey, Nathan Thanyehténhas Brinklow (NEȾOLṈEW̱ community Partner representative – Tsi Tyónnheht Onkwawén:na)
Front (L to R): Nicki Benson (NEȾOLṈEW̱ Research Assistant), Wanosts’a7 Lorna Williams, Charlotte Ross, Onowa McIvor (NEȾOLṈEW̱ co-lead)