“The fear, the guilt, the shame, the grief: these are all different feelings that we have as we’re trying to speak. If we’re healing that, it should clear this path for us to be able to become speakers again.” #IndigenousLanguages #Languagerevitalization


The Stoney language apps and online dictionary provide the recorded voices of Stoney elders and speakers for the purpose of preserving the traditional oral ways while integrating with new modern technologies. #IndigenousLanguages #Languagerevitalization


The names come from his community’s history as the people of the salmon, with each bearing the traditional names for species of Pacific salmon. The buildings new names are: TEKI, STOKI, HENEN, QOL,EW and TA,WEN. #IndigenousLanguages #Languagerevitalization

Indigenous people stayed connected to and returned to the land to continue language learning during the COVID-19 pandemic.
#IndigenousLanguages #LanguageRevitalization #IndigenousResearch

For full project results see http://ow.ly/Z5Z550H36l0

How were elders and youth cared for in ILR efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic?
#IndigenousLanguages #LanguageRevitalization

For full project results see http://ow.ly/1o5050H1v50

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