NEȾOLṈEW̱ Indigenous Language Learning Atlas


NILLA is a new online space for Indigenous communities, advocates, researchers, and allies to engage and exchange knowledge, and to share their own and learn about others’ successful language learning strategies within Canada.

  • Communities focused on language learning initiatives and smaller community-based organizations focused on language learning can join here.
  • Organizations that support language work, through funding, training, practical support, or otherwise (e.g. Mentor-Apprentice coaching, resource development, etc.) can join here.
  • Post-secondary institutions offering Indigenous Language Revitalization and/or Maintenance program(s) can join here.

Knowledge Sharing through NILLA

NILLA is committed to community ownership over information while facilitating knowledge sharing. The NILLA online Portal features two levels of accessibility: A public component open to anyone interested in the language revitalization initiatives taking place across Canada, and a second, password-protected portion only accessible to contributing partner communities via login. Public information will include the language name, number of speakers, types of programs, and other general data. The protected space will facilitate information sharing and networking between participating communities, who have full control over what items they wish to share (for example curricula samples or language resources).