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NEȾOLṈEW̱ is a collective of Indigenous and other scholars, community members, students, and allies working together towards Indigenous language revitalization.

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Many people have made valuable contributions to NEȾOLṈEW̱ over the years. They are (alphabetically by last name):

Adar Anisman, Carolyn Belleau, Dr. Kari A. B. Chew, Emily Comeau, Nicole Davies, Jackie Dormer, Robyn Giffen, Tehota’kerá:ton (Dr. Jeremy D. Green), Pierre Iachetti, Samaya Jardey, Barbara Jenni, Zola Kell, Anureet Lotay, Jacob Manatowa-Bailey, chuutsqa Layla Rorick, Robby Smoker-Peters, Satuts Stsuhwum (Angela Marston), Danielle Sullivan, and Marleen Willems.

Headshot of Patricia Rosborough
In Memoriam
Dr. T’łat’laḵuł Trish (Patricia) Rosborough

Co-Principal Investigator

T’łat’laḵuł Trish Rosborough focused her scholarship on Indigenous language revitalization. An adult learner of her late mother’s first language, Kwak’wala, Trish used a narrative approach to her research, sharing stories of her personal journey as a language learner, teacher and researcher.

Her SSHRC Insight grant research project, Beautiful Words: Enriching and Indigenizing Language Revitalization through Understandings of Linguistic Structure, stemmed from her view that it is important to consider both how to retain Indigenous languages and how to retain the worldview understandings within the languages.

Trish was a co-Principal Investigator with the NEȾOLṈEW̱ Partnership, where she supported community Partner research and helped to guide the overall Partnership. She is missed greatly by all members of the NEȾOLṈEW̱ Partnership. Her intelligence, compassion, and fierce determination continues to guide us as we carry on with the work Trish was so deeply committed to.